DAOn the Rabbit Hole

S2 E11: Life of a Full-Time DAO Contributor (Kairon)

Episode Summary

On this episode of DAOn the Rabbit Hole, we’re talking with Kairon, Founder of ASCAN and a full-time DAO contributor.

Episode Notes

On this episode of DAOn the Rabbit Hole, we’re talking with Kairon, Founder of ASCAN and a full-time DAO contributor. 

Kairon got started in web3 when he took a leap of faith, quit his day job, and dove headfirst into the space. Although he doesn’t recommend that approach for everyone, he’s learned a few things along the way and shares those learnings with our listeners. 

We set the stage by defining a DAO as Kairon shares the thought process he goes through when choosing a project to contribute to. We lay out some of the common DAO structures and Kairon explains what it’s like making money through contribution - without a supervisor, without clocking in, and without being contractually bound to the work. 

We discuss some major issues contributors face when working for DAOs, including issues of ambiguous compensation and free labor, as well as issues DAOs themselves are facing - like over-decentralizing too quickly. 

We close out our conversation with Kairon explaining the day-to-day of a DAO contributor and describing what contribution looks like for him, leaving listeners with some advice if they are interested in getting involved in the DAO space. He also gives us the inside scoop on his newest project - ASCAN. 

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0:00 Intro

2:16 Kairon’s background

7:35 Defining a DAO

10:41 How Kairon chooses a DAO to contribute to

13:05 DAO structure

15:50 Onboarding into DAOs

17:50 Contributor compensation

20:25 The issue of free labor in DAOs

23:16 Token value

28:40 Key issues for DAOs today

30:54 Over-decentralization 

35:19 Supercontributors 

38:02 What does contribution look like?

41:49 ASCAN

45:08 Follow Kairon!



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