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S2 E5: DAO Delegation: To Delegate to an Individual or a DAO? (Linda Xie and Julia Rosenberg)

Episode Summary

On this episode of DAOn the Rabbit Hole, we’re talking to Julia Rosenberg and Linda Xie all about metagovernance.

Episode Notes

On this episode of DAOn the Rabbit Hole, we’re talking to Julia Rosenberg and Linda Xie. Julia is a Co-Founder of Orca Protocol, a DAO implementation tool and Linda is a Co-Founder of Scalar Capital, a crypto investment firm. Linda is also a Delegate for Gitcoin, Element and Optimism. 

We begin our conversation by laying some groundwork and having Linda and Julia answer the big question: what is metagovernance? We dive into all of the nuances of metagovernance and discuss its fluidity, dynamics, chaos, benefits, and how it evolved over time.

The conversation leads us to discussing delegates within DAOs that participate in metagovernance, and Linda explains how she manages being a delegate for 3 different organizations as well as running her own company. We discuss delegate compensation models, issues with those models, the pros and cons of Gitcoin’s implementation of health cards, and the issue of “zombie delegates.”

Julia explains her philosophy of governance via working groups/ factions/ parties over putting the responsibility in the hands of individuals. We compare metagovernance to political structures we see today, and discuss the issues of politics and popularity contests within metagovernance. 

We close out our conversation re-envisioning what we’d like governance to look like in the future, shouting out some amazing projects that are on the leading edge of metagovernance, and leaving listeners with some tips for how to get involved and become a delegate. 

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Link to the article by Simona: https://pop.mirror.xyz/NbNlmtjw3hTzVHiCU9dBjcgFDxpD91UY8DOtl5Ht_x0 



0:00 Intro

1:37 What is Metagovernance?

3:22 The benefits of Metagovernance

3:48 Fluidity and dynamics of Metagovernance

5:54 Avoiding Chaos in Metagovernance

7:50 How Metagovernance has evolved over time

12:05 How does Linda do it??

14:37 Delegate compensation models

15:42 Issues with delegate compensation models

18:39 Gitcoin’s implementation of health cards

22:41 The issue of “zombie delegates”

23:40 Orca’s model of rotating delegates

27:09 pod responsibility over delegate responsibility

28:49 The issue of politics in metagovernance

31:51 Exciting examples of metagovernance

38:25 Tips for becoming a DAO delegate 

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